WaveStructure is an innovative company built on the
premise of leveraging technological progress in
empowering better traders and investors.

Who we are

By enabling the power of technology we provide a clear and unbiased view of the markets while identifying high probability opportunities for limited risk entries. Our professional service issues daily Elliott Wave and Action Reaction line analysis covering a wide range of markets. We strongly believe in consistency, predictability and transparency in everything we do.

Even experienced securities analysts are susceptible to emotion, stress, predisposition, outcome dependence and other psychological factors that bear effect on their momentary mindset and ability to judge objectively. WaveStructure uses a proprietary computer-based Elliott Wave system that applies a single unified set of rules and conditions to the analytical process, reducing human input and eliminating the possibility of bias.

Each day upon market close we analyse the markets and update our charts. These charts incorporate standardized multi-layer analysis and rely on time-tested techniques developed by R. N. Elliott, Roger Babson and Dr. Alan Andrews. By subscribing you wll gain variable access to our research and platform. We serve a diverse group of clients including retail investors, prop traders, brokers, money managers, CTAs, hedge/mutual funds, quant firms and commercial hedgers.