Elliott Wave perspective on ETFs

SMH Chart

WaveStructure is the first provider of wave analysis to include ETFs. The ETF service provides daily Elliott Wave and Action Reaction line analysis of over 100 of the most liquid exchange-traded funds. To prove that our analysis can be applied on any asset class here is a recent chart of VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF (SMH).

Month after month the ETF moved sideways in a wide, well defined range. During the period June 2015 - February 2016 we managed to identify 3 consecutive 5-wave structures. As these structures matured 2 buy signals (September 8, February 17) and one sell signal (December 11) were recorded at the break points of each of the 0-4 lines presenting chances to jump on developing trends quite close to their origin. Note how the latter two signals were supported by RSI divergence. Just like other asset classes ETFs offer plenty of low risk trade opportunities and can become a valuable addition to any trader's arsenal.

WaveStructure issues daily Elliott Wave and Action Reaction line analysis identifying high probability opportunities for low risk entries in over 1400 global markets.