Live Trades

WaveStructure’s Live Trades service is designed for traders who would like to capitalize on medium and longer term moves across a range of instruments including currencies, indices, commodities, ETFs and equities. The service is entirely based on WaveStructure analysis and signals, providing full details on each taken position from entry price and position sizing to stop loss and take profit levels.

The system assumes a $100,000 account size and target risk allocation of 1 percent of initial capital. Members have access to a dynamically updated positions page with full details on all open and closed trades. All open position parameters are updated on a daily basis.

The goal of the Live Trades service is to educate subscribers about a possible method of exploiting WaveStructure analysis and signals by allowing them to observe in real time. The service does NOT issue recommendations to buy or sell securities.
Past performance does not guarantee future results. Individual experiences may vary.