US Equities Plus

WaveStructure’s US Equities Plus service is designed for traders who would like to follow, hedge or capitalize on systematic moves in the United States Equity markets. The service utilizes a proprietary technical implementation of Elliott Wave and Action Reaction Lines, assisting the analyst in discerning trend direction, phase and exhaustion points.

This is a premium service tailored primarily to professional traders and investors. Potential subscribers, who lack experience in the field of trading and asset management are advised to opt for another service provider, better suited to their needs. The educational materials supplied by WaveStructure assume and build upon a certain level of expertise in trading, risk management and the financial markets as a whole and do not provide a basic introduction to the topics.

Each morning prior to market open the analysis of all listed instruments is updated. This is reflected on the charts and also on the subscriber dashboard, whenever the latest analysis has triggered event notifications. The US Equities Plus service subscription entitles you to access daily analysis of the following instruments:

Description Region
All members of Russell 1000 Index, excluding equities covered in the US Equities service United States
Extra selection of US stocks based on high investor interest and WaveStructure member requests. United States